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About Us

What Makes Us Different

A Combination Like No Other…Right Here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

While most people will go to the dentist if their teeth hurt they rarely go for the following reasons:

  • Jaw and Facial Pain

  • Chronic Headaches

  • Speech and/or Swallowing Issues

  • Malformations of the oropharyngeal complex

  • Malocclusion

  • Tongue Tie 

  • Sleep Disorders and Snoring

  • Allergies

  • Bed Wetting and Behavioral Issues in Children


You Say Dentist, People Think Teeth
It’s actually so much more than that. At Floss Family Dentistry we can help solve health issues associated with how the mouth and tongue are structured. 

A Collaborative Approach
Husband and wife team, Justin and Kelly Villafane, work alongside each other to provide one-of-a-kind dental and speech therapy services.  

The Most Advanced Technology
At Floss Family Dental and Surgical Center, we search for the underlying problem and provide seamless solutions. It’s the reason why we combined our speech therapy efforts with dentistry and backed it with the latest technology. 

From a dental cone beam computed tomography (CT), a type of x-ray machine that supersedes a traditional dental x-ray allowing you to see 3D images of your mouth, nose and throat, to our most recent investment, a LightScalpel CO2 laser, that uses an intense beam of laser light to interact with the soft tissue when we perform tongue-ties; providing the safest, technology-enhanced experience is always our goal.


Amazing group of people! Not only do they do great dental procedures and cleanings but they genuinely care about their patients! I have referred my parents and friends who all say they wouldn't go anywhere else now!
- Stephanie Remus

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