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What Hurts?

So much more than just teeth.

You Say Dentist, People Think Teeth

It’s actually so much more than that. At Floss Family Dentistry we can help solve health issues associated with how the mouth and tongue are structured.

  • Jaw, Face and Headache Pain >>
    If your face or head hurts we have the expertise to help identify the cause. Find out if what’s causing you pain is tied to a deeper dental issue.

  • Speech Issues >>
    How your mouth, jaw and tongue are shaped greatly impact your ability for clear speech. Find out how we can help with speech issues.

  • Sleeping Disorders and Snoring >>
    Snoring is a strong indicator that you might have limited air supply to your body while at sleep. Find out more about how we can help snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, without having to resort to a c-pap machine.

  • Allergies >>
    You have allergies, or so you think. The symptoms of a structural issue can be disguised as seasonal allergies. Find out how our cone beam dental CT scanner may shed light on your symptoms.


Don’t see a particular issue here?

You would be amazed what teeth, gums, tongue, mouth and throat tell us about your health. Equally important is the role that the mouth plays in your quality of life. 


Now Accepting New Patients
Bigger issues or basic cleanings, we pride ourselves on vigilantly looking for early signs of more complex issues with all of our patients. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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