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Oral Surgery

Reasons to Consult for Oral Surgery
Oral surgery can help solve a number of reconstruction or cosmetic needs. 
Because Floss Family Dental equally caters to surgical needs within our convenient Lincoln, Nebraska, location, our patients can receive oral surgery services, including IV sedation. 
You may need oral surgery if you have: 

  • Impacted teeth such as wisdom teeth or impacted cuspids or bicuspids.

  • Badly damaged or painful teeth that need to be removed 

  • Tooth loss that requires dental implants. 

  • Poorly fitting dentures due to uneven or sharp areas of bone. 

  • Other conditions such as lesion removal/biopsy and oral infections

Our team of surgical professionals are happy to provide you or your family with a consultation to discover your best oral surgery options. 


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I was afraid to go back to the dentist for years after a terrible experience with having my wisdom teeth pulled. I chose Floss Dental, at first, mainly because they could do in-house sedation. After my initial consultation I felt much more at ease.  I left after the first session of my treatment plan in awe of how smooth everything went and not in tears like the past. I have far fewer fears and apprehensions about going to the dentist again. Thank you Floss dental for helping me get back to a health smile again!

- Jillian Brown

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